"Local Domain Fallback" wildcard or import possible? (Zero Trust/Gateway)


I need to send all DNS requests to an internal resolver (ATP protection + DNS sink hole). Currently i have to manually add known TLDs like “com”, “net”, “org” to the entries, those domains will then be send to a specific DNS server. But this is too time consuming for all possible TLDs.

It is possible to use a wildcard/regex to send ALL requests to an internal resolver?

It is not.

Thanks for the clear answer.

Can you give me a hint on how to bulk import entries?

Here are instructions for importing/exporting records in a Cloudflare account:

Thank you @sdayman. The documentation describes how to import DNS records in for the Cloudflare DNS service. I need to import entries in the Local Domain Fallback list in Zero Trust Dashboard, that’s a different database.

You’ve posted this in the general Security category. It should be in Gateway. You should be able to edit the Title (or category) so it has the Gateway tag.

Sorry about that, edited the title + category. It’s not clear if this fits in “Gateway”, “Access”, “Zero Trust” or plain “Security” topic.

EDIT 20.09.2022:
I found a way to bulk import TLDs (from IANA) to local domain fallback (API+PHP). PM me if you need the script.

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