Local Domain Fallback not working on WARP Android client

My goal is to use the WARP client on my phone to connect to my self hosted services by name when I am outside my home network. Following the documentation, I believe I have everything (cloudflared, gateway, etc.) setup correctly. I verified using the WARP client on MacOS while tethered to my phone. I can reach IPs on my local network and DNS queries for my local domain are routed correctly.

However, with the WARP client on my Android phone, only IP addresses can be reached. DNS queries for my local domain fail. The WARP logs generally show two errors.

class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown dns record type = 65

class com.clouflare.app.vpnservice.exceptions.ConnectionException: DNS request timeout

It’s not clear if both are related. The timeout errors seem to continue for quite some time even after I’ve stopped trying to access the local hostname.

For completeness, local DNS queries work when connected to WARP on my home WiFi. I could be misunderstanding something but I would not expect this if the local domain fallback was actually being attempted but failing.

appears local domain fallback does not work on android at all, there’s also a github issue here https://github.com/cloudflare/cloudflared/issues/777

Yeah, I’m aware of the GitHub issue. I commented on it and while it turned out to be the wrong repo for reporting the problem, the dev said he passed the issue on to the WARP team.

I have good news though. The November 1 update of the Android client fixed the problem for me. So the use case I described in my original post is working perfectly now.

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