Local Domain Fallback DNS lookups eventually fail/timeout

We really like and use the local domain fallback feature for WARP client and zero trust to resolve hostnames on our tunneled network. The problem is it only works for some time initially when connecting to the WARP client, but after some time lookups begin to fail for no reason. We don’t have any session timeouts set for our dns network allow rule in gateway or any other session timeout for any applications. Only fix is to disable warp toggle on the device then re-enable and boom works great again. Anyone else having this problem? Running BETA client: 2023.7.160.0

Sounds similar to an issue I’m having but it’s with all websites, not just fallback. I get ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in my web browser and have to toggle WARP off and back on to get it working.

Try updating to windows beta client 2023.7.243.1 or newer because it lists a fix for DoH timeouts.

Thank you, Version 2023.7.344.1 did the trick!!