Local DNS/Reverse Proxy Stopped Working - Getting Error 1002

I have my domain A record (domain[.]com) pointed to an internal IP address of my NGINX Reverse Proxy manager (i.e. and a wildcard CNAME pointed at my domain[.]com. I use these with a LetsEncrypt cert on my internal network so I don’t have to define all of my services in DNS and expose to the world what I’m running and my proxy figures it out.

For example, on my internal network I would just type docker.domain[.]com and the proxy does the SSL redirect to my Portainer instance for me.

This all worked fine for months until two days ago, and now I get “Error 1002: DNS points to local or disallowed IP” when I try to access any of my internal services. They started working again two days ago for about 5 minutes, then stopped again.

Any idea what broke/why?

Hi @rkp

try and create the * as an A record instead.

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