Local BIND server to Cloudflare lookup

We’re in the process of standing up an internal BIND server for internal hosts, but we use the same domain name as our external DNS records. We need help configuring local BIND9 CNAME records that point to Cloudflare - if there are publicly hosted CNAME or A records that are listed in Cloudflare, how do we configure our BIND9 zone records to perform the lookup in Cloudflare?

For example, if our internal zone is domain.com, and our public website (with Cloudflare records) is also domain.com, how do I tell my internal BIND lookups to actually lookup certain records from Cloudflare?

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I would image you simply overwrite the records locally. This isn’t the place to ask those questions though, it’s not a BIND support community.

Thanks, I know this is not a BIND support community, but it’s likely a very relevant question for this community.

For my question in particular, the Cloudflare record is also a cname, so recreating the record locally in bind isn’t working for us.

Just hoping someone else has faced and knows a way around this.


Many people have difficulties finding the DNS records in their control panel, I somewhat doubt Bind will be of much relevance to them :smiling_imp:

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Why would it being a CNAME cause issues? Requesting A while the host is CNAME works fine, so just hijack that reply.

I don’t know BIND at all, but I would expect you could do a construct of the sort if (recordType == A && host == subdomain.example.com) then return X.

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