Local Warp

I can’t find any info or support about this

Cloudflare pushed me to download (and install) their Warp app ,locally

my question is do i need this app if i am running a VPN?

How does it change/impact my Internet setup? btw,
i am already using CF DNS anyway.

just checked by local IP Config, and it seems that my VPN has already changed and setup by DNS

Hey there,

The Cloudflare WARP client can run alongside most legacy third-party VPNs. Because the WARP client and third-party VPN client both enforce firewall, routing, and DNS rules on your local device, the two products will compete with each other for control over IP and DNS traffic. To ensure compatibility make sure that:

  • IP traffic is split tunneled between WARP and the VPN. All VPN traffic must bypass WARP and vice versa.
  • DNS resolution is handled by either WARP or the VPN. You must disable DNS filtering in one of the two products.

You can check the following link for more details:

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i think best to leave well enough alone!

it is not like i have network managers running around to configure and mange this.

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