Loading time is too poor

Loading time too poor and every js,css file taking too much time.

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cache-control: no-cache,max-age=31104000,public

Whatever settings/config/code you have, it’s adding a “no-cache” header to all of your files. This means, no matter what, Cloudflare and other CDNs won’t cache the file. This seems to appear on every js/css/etc file served, so look into your configuration and see if there is a setting you can change to fix this (you may want to consult the documentation).


IP of my url projuktinext.com is which is USA. How can I get it from Singapore.

Hi @akramul.net,

That is a Cloudflare IP which will show as the US, however they utilise an anycast network so that does not mean your traffic will be routed to the US


Thank you,
But my javascripts loading time is too poor. some times it is 2 sec.

What can I do?

look at @Judge comment, you need to make them cacheable… if you dont know how you will need to contact who ever is responsible to technical stuff at your side