Loading the cached French version of my website whenever Cloudflare is on

Whenever I switch on Cloudflare it serves the cached French version of my website regardless of the location.
How ot make sure it matches the user location with the closest Data Center.

What’s caching your site? By default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages. Even then, Cloudflare cache is Data Center independent.

Normally, users are routed to the nearest data center, but some ISPs have messed up routing.

If you post the domain name, we can experiment a bit to see what’s going on.

Hi sdayman thanks for your reply.
For example, when I activate Cloudflare, I launch GT Metrix with Dallas as a search location, it get my french website https://trap-beat.com/fr/
Without Cloudflare with the same settings I get the US version of my website. That’s why I am confused.
So it litteraly messed up my SEO last month and I lost 75% of my traffic as the google bot were losing matching keywords.

It’s not running through Cloudflare right now, so I can’t test it.

Do you have a link to that GTMetrix test you ran?


I activated it his morning just for the sake of the GTMetrix test


Ok, I see the test hit Cloudflare’s Houston server, then got redirected (302) to the /fr/ directory.

I also see an x-proxy-cache header in the initial contact with a HIT. Then it did the redirect.

  1. What cache do you have set up at your server or site? Can you turn it off?
  2. How does your site decide if the visitor should be forwarded to the French version?

Please ask your host to disable Endurance cache for your site. This should fix the problem.



I disabled the endurance page cache at hosting level and it seems to be working. Will monitor the next days. Thanks yall


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