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hi 'i just connected the tool to my website www.costi.co.il
after doing that my loading is 2 times slow insted of a boost to the loading time …
is it normal for the begining or something went wrong?

Hi @yanivdan3,

Cloudflare stands between your site and your site visitors. This can either increase or decrease the time it takes to load a page, depending on where your site is hosted and where your visitors are coming from. Are you testing the speed from your own computer? Or from a page speed tool on the internet? I’d suggest you test it from different locations using webpagetest.org, then follow the recommendations for improvement.

Hey thanks for your replay,my site is hosted in israel,my clients is in israel
Icheck the speed in gtmatrix… My home page is about 7 sec loading,few days ago i made the server change and it is 15 sec … my site is ecomerce on Magento

Iherd that with the cdn the site loading will get faster ,and that the tool makes optimization on the site…

you have a few misunderstandings:

  1. your visitors are from Israel, your origin is in Israel, but you speed test it in gtmatrix which does not test from Israel, it make no sense, you need to test your site from where your visitors are.
  2. when your visitors are from one small country, you wouldent gain too much(if any) speed from cdn’s, cdn are good when your site serve multi countries visitors
  3. Cloudflare Israel datacetner only serve around 30% of Israel users, the rest will actually hit Europe(France, London and Amsterdam) so it expected to to get a bit of lower performance when using Cloudflare to Israel users

as final conclusion if you are using Cloudflare just for the speed and not for the security and all the other great features than yeah it probably be faster to not use it(it will cost you around 100ms per request to the visitors who dosent hit the Israel datacenter)

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Thanks very much

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