Loading problem

hi,one of my page is taking too long to load… https://www.autruo.com/all-courses

That’s not very specific. The page renders in about two seconds for me. Pretty good at FastOrSlow as well.

I understand,but again the script is taking too long,it load in 1 or 2 Sec but the script kept loading for like forever.

Please I also need some help again ,the rocket loader seamz to speedily my website speed from 7s to less than a minute,but again I had no option then to disable it because video embed in my course unit seamz not to pop up again.so in a nutshell how can I have rocket loader to only load my front page only there preventing it from working with other pages…

You disable Rocket Loader, then use a Page Rule to enable it for the home page.

Seamz not to be working

As seen in this url. https://prnt.sc/w532mf

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