Loading only part of the HTML. broken page

I’m having the same problem reported by everyone in this topic.

there are dozens of sites with the same problem. When I disable cloudflare or put the server IP directly in my host file it works normally.

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We’re also currently facing a similar issue with partial responses across more than 15 sites that are being proxied through Cloudflare.

This issue doesn’t occur consistently; instead, it seems to happen randomly. The typical way to manually trigger it is by clearing the browser cache and then reloading the page, although even this isn’t always possible.

The exact timing and specific conditions that lead to its occurrence are proving to be difficult to determine. As a result, reproducing the issue easily is quite challenging.

Due to this problem, we’re encountering partial responses, resulting in us receiving plain text instead of the expected HTML content. This issue leads to broken pages.

We are actively investigating this issue and working to find a solution. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has insights that could help us resolve this, please feel free to share.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


I just joined the Cloudflare Community just to investigate why my site would randomly stop loading fully the last two days.

I thought originally it was a CMS (Wordpress) issue, then thought it was a webhost issue. After it went down again today I started investigating. Friends and family around the country were all able to visit our full website. However, those of us in the building, in town and throughout the state could not, especially using mobile. Some ISPs were able to hit the site, but others were not. After pulling my hair out for most of the day, I took the proxy off for our main A record and our website came back up like normal.


Continue in the same way here. Several customers complaining and the solution is always to disable the cloudflare proxy. I’ve tried changing some cloudflare settings without success. I believe the problem occurs randomly due to some routing error. The problem must be on some node in the cloudflare network.

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For last 3 days some of my pages loads half. But it is normal for %98 %99 times , it can be seen 1 in 100 try. It doesnt cut from the same point, it changes for every time if it cuts. It can cut page to half in middle of a html component or a word or anything else randomly. It deletes always beginnig of website, head and big part of body, then sends remaining bottom part always if it cuts. Never deletes bottom. There were no problem before. Now it always deletes from first half of php page and sends the remain part. I didnt realise jpg,js,css files but php files. I am trying different ways to understand what is the problem but It occurs randomly so hard to catch it. But i read some comments here before 1 year and this year that people had problems like that on cloudflare

  • I dont know if cloudflare caches php files. i purged like that domaincom/index.php*
  • i changed to development mode , i will see if it changes anything.
  • i changed ssl full and flexible
  • i dont want to close cloudflare to test it

I thought first that problem was the server so i added ob_start and save pages for all requests into files like a cache before sending from server. And i see that pages are build from php normally. So i think there are two possibilities, lightspeed may send half or cloudflare cuts.

One of my php page is 1.5MB size, it is more frequent used and cuts more. I dont know if it occurs because of size or usage frequency.

@serdarors I would suggest disabling lightspeed just to see if the problem can still be reproduced. I would also carefully check your origin server error log when this happens to make sure - you do say “And i see that pages are build from php normally” but not sure how you’re verifiying that.

We’re experiencing a similar issue with partial responses on our Cloudflare-proxied sites. It’s sporadic and even cache clearing doesn’t always trigger it.

Hello thanks for reply.
By “disabling lightspeed” do u mean disabling lightspeed cache or shut down server for a while.

“And i see that pages are build from php normally”
when a request comes I just try to save whole html output of php to a folder with datehour so i compare with my browser output when cutoff occurs. I wanted to eliminate database or php errors which i suspected first before. Pages are built by php normally but i dont know if web server sends normally or data is being cut off on cloudflare. If there were any method to get and save html data on cloudflare before sending to browsers, it would be a good test.

Php output to folder:
ob_start(); $cachec = ob_get_contents(); file_put_contents($cachefile, $cachec);

I thought you were referencing a plugin to your server. If this is actually also doing caching of content - then disabling that cache is a good debugging step too, to eliminate that as a possible cause.

I see, i didnt use any cache plugin, there is no error of web server, page is a custom php design. It is a dynamic page so i dont think it can be cache because every time data changes. If it cuts the page , every time it loads with different sizes 20KB, 150KB.
Original html is approximately 1.5MB. Can the big size be a factor ? It was working for years without problem.

Also can i make a worker script to catch and save the html page sent from web server.

We are now in the third day of dealing with this critical issue. How can we escalate this to high priority? The impact is widespread, affecting hundreds of sites! Is there a method to ensure Cloudflare support sees this thread as soon as possible?

Can you try to disable HTML minification if that’s enabled?
Also maybe try disabling other rewrite features too (rocket loader, email obfuscator, etc)

Also when did the problem start?

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I opened a support ticket for them.
I suggest you do it also so they will take it more seriously.

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What you are describing sounds similar to another current topic. You may see if anything suggested there is helpful.



All our affected clients are under Cloudflare Free unfortunately. So we cannot raise a support ticket.
We even tried to call CF Support and reach them in social networks, but the support bots redirects us here in the community.

Thanks for the prompt response. I hope the escalate this ASAP

The issue is affecting hundreds of sites in Greece (at least of my knowledge)

We opened this (similar) thread 3 days ago →

Please you need to investigate this ASAP and escalate it as HIGH priority.


I’m going to DM you to get some details and will escalate internally if we can reproduce.


Problem started 3 days ago. Randomly cuts requests, generally normal but it is hard to find the check.

  • “html minification” is Auto Minify i think. It is off for html,js,css
  • i disabled brotli now.
  • Rocket Loader is off already

In speed optimization :
|HTTP/2| Enabled|
|HTTP/3| Enabled|
|HTTP/2 to Origin| Enabled|
|Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization Disabled
|Brotli| Disabled|
|0-RTT Connection Resumption| Disabled|
|Always use HTTPs| Enabled|
|TLS 1.3| Enabled

Do u think any of them need to be disabled ?

This looks like same problem. So it is about cloudflare but need to find what triggers it. If it is a cloudflare server problem, i hope it could be repaired soon. I can see similar comments in 2022 and 2023 months ago too. So the source of problem need to be found already.

If there’s anyone else here who can capture a HAR file or a cURL reproducing the problem, please let me know.

EDIT: I have a few things to ask if you’re experiencing this issue:

  1. Gather the URL and a HAR file ideally
  2. Check and confirm the content-type header your origin is returning for your content
  3. Try disabling Brotli ( https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/speed/optimization/content ) for your domain on Cloudflare and test again