Loader while cloud maching is spinning up

Hi all,

I assume this is an issue many others have but I was not able to find an answer in other answers.
I have my website on Google Cloud and when the website has not been used the instance goes on sleep. At the first request, it takes between 2 and 3 seconds to spin up.
Is it possible to show a loader or a message from a Cloudflare app during this time?



You could use a Worker to return a custom page when the origin is returning an error (assume this is an error condition and subsequent retries succeed).

Perhaps an extension of this basic recipie:

Not sure the cold start of a cloud machine returns an any error… just delay.
Am I wrong?

There’s a Cloudflare App that might help:

Thanks @sdayman, that was the first I tried but it actually fires up when the cloud machine answers and not while waiting for the response of the server.

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