Loadbalancing 100% traffic routing and healthcheck

i’ve set up a DNS Loadbalancer with healthchecking to 2 Origin servers (S1 & S2), this works and I can manage traffic load to them. What I want to do though is route 100% of traffic to S1 until if fails at which point fail the traffic over to S2. Unfortunately this does not work as my traffic setting have to be S1=1 and S2=0. If will work if S1=0.99 and S2=0.01 but this is not the behaviour I want.

Is there a way to do this in Cloudflare?


Yes. Create 2 pools, put S1 in pool 1 and S2 in pool 2. Use failover (the default LB type) and order the pools so the pool containing S1 is the first pool in the list.


Thanks, that works perfectly. Had sticky sessions on which was a bit confusing at first but after switching those of it works!

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