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In load balancing can I make persistent sessions over IP with the proxy disabled?
If yes could help me.

Session Affinity requires a HTTP cookie, so no.

What are you trying to acheive? For most clients, they will attempt to connect to the first IP address in the record set returned, and not to more than one address. So an individual client will usually only connect to one of the load balanced servers, and any state will be maintained by that server without replicating the state to each of the origin servers.

So it seems that this behavior is not happening, as users are losing the session, thus needing to log in again.


In a DNS only situation where the DNS TTL is much shorter than your desired session lifetime you can do a few things.

Are you load balancing for availability/health or for managing the load?

The former can be solved by using multiple pools in the load balancer, with one server in each. Configure Traffic Steering to Off, and Cloudflare will return the DNS results from the top pool (which is just the top server) so long as that server is still active.

Is correct?

Regarding: Default traffic and Session Affinity traffic
What do you suggest? Remembering that the objective is to hold the user on the server so as not to lose the session.

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