Loadbalancer with master master db replication

Hi guys,

I have a couple of doubts about clouflare’s load balance.

  1. How can I implement a cloudflare loadbalancer with two servers on which a mysql master master replication has been implemented?

  2. What if there are files that are needed to be replicated to each other ? Such as file upload from web users? Will cloudflare set up take care of it?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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@cloonan Can you help me ?

Cloudflare’s load balancing is purely HTTP related. There is not database involved nor files.

You need to ask these questions at StackExchange.

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Hello Sandro,
Thank you Sandro, I really appreciate this. Would you be able to provide a bit more clarity to this? I have got two servers and the website and mobile application that I want to host on these are dynamic, like end users will upload certain documents and images to these servers. The database also should be replicated between two servers. Can I achieve this requirement with cloudflare loadbalancer?

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Anything HTTP related can be achieved with Cloudflare’s load balancer, but thats it. Your question really is too broad and out of scope for this forum, hence please follow the earlier suggestion.

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