Loadbalancer redirect to default apache page

Hello, I’m experiencing an issue with my Cloudflare load balancer. I have a domain name, let’s call it “tayi-services.km”, to which I’ve linked two subdomains, “server1.tayi-services.km” and “server2.tayi-services.fr”. Both subdomains are functional and correctly point to their respective servers. I’ve configured a load balancer at the address “server.tayi-services.km”, which is associated with a pool containing the other two servers. However, when I visit the address, Apache seems unable to resolve the vhost, as it redirects me to the default page (although it still directs me to the correct server).

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve set up another site as the default page, which we’ll refer to as blog.tayi-services.km.

Despite “server1.tayi-services.km” and “server2.tayi-services.km” working fine, the load balancer isn’t functioning as expected. Do you have any ideas where the issue might be coming from?

P.S.: I hope I’ve posted this in the right section; it’s my first time here.

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