LoadBalance multiple Expected Code (http status code)

I have just created loadbalance for my site with following settings:

I have few issues:

  1. I am unable to add multiple values in Expected Code(s) field. I have tried with comma separation also like this 403, 2xx but it does not work.
  2. Based on my current settings above, what CF will do if one of my server in loadbalancer returns 404 resource not found error? Will it divert the traffic to another server?
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I just tested this, and CF does not handle 404 based on my above settings and shows 404 page.

This is for a health check. It is an automated probe which runs and checks for a response. If you are checking the health of a node it should only return one status code to indicate it is healthy.

I figured out a custom solution to handle 404 using nginx proxy_pass to upstream and it works. :slight_smile:

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Btw. CF should also provide with handling 404 to avoid any extra configuration on server side. It will be a bonus feature for non-techies.

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