Load wp-admin and wp-includes with cloudflare

Hello friends, I hope you are well.
I would like to transfer only “wp-admin” and "wp-includes’ to Cloudflare and loads them with Cloudflare but I couldn’t do that.
How can I do that? Please give me some significant advices to follow and complete.

This is not possible as Cloudflare works on a DNS base and therefore can just proxy whole domains/subdomains.

If you are talking about just serving these two directories from cache but not the others, then it is possible. Just use PageRules to:

  1. cache if the directories are matched
  2. bypass cache for everything

The rules must be implemented in this particular order.

Also as you talk about “transfer”:

Cloudflare is not a Push-CDN and therefore you can not transfer directories/folders to it. Cloudflare is a reverse-proxy CDN and therefore does not host your data, but just caches it temporarily.

hello again and so many thanks for your reply.
Yes I want to cash wp-admin and wp-includes bu using Cloudflare.
I use cash rule?
can you explain me step by step?


But I already did:

There are only two steps and they are described.

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