Load Wordpress Homepage from different server

I have a wordpress website, where I want to recreate only the homepage using react and Wordpress rest endpoint and host this one page in Netlify, whereas all other posts continue to sit and serve from the Wordpress server. Currently, I am using Cloudflare as a DNS provider and AWS Lightsail as a hosting provider. Is there a way I can achieve this where homepage requests go to Netlify, and rest all links direct to Wordpress lightsail instance?

I bet that home page has more than just an HTML request coming from Netlify. In that case, it’s not possible unless that extra content is duplicated on Lightsail.

We simply want to create our homepage in react, while using the REST endpoint of our Wordpress instance. It will be a simple html page.

My question is how can i set up DNS or server config to handle all homepage traffic from netlify whereas all other pages traffic to lightsail wordpress instance

I do something similar, but I deploy the HTML directly to a Worker. But you could try to use a Worker to do a Fetch from a different source. Something like:


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