Load times are very slow

My website is very slow in loading how can I improve

I use webpagetest.org to track down which parts of my site is slow.

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It’s showing that my loading time is between 8 to 9 seconds which is same as the Google test my site showed, is there’s any way I can improve it?

It’s a lot of data…nearly 7 megabytes. The Samsung Gaming Screen image alone is 1.7 Megs. The Facebook resources are over 1 meg. And with 228 HTTP requests, it’s a lot of back and forth communication.

  1. Optimize those images. Especially that Samsung monitor GIF. I’d convert to a JPG. It won’t animate, but it will be a lot smaller.
  2. I suggest you switch everything over to SSL. With Cloudflare, it will give you full HTTP/2 support, which will help assets load in parallel.
  3. With SSL turned on, you can turn off Rocket Loader. This will allow your JS files to be cached by Cloudflare as well as in your visitors’ browser cache. Experiment with this, as it might not give you the gains you want, but it should improve the viewing experience.

And that’s just about it. There’s just so much content that it’s overwhelming for a browser to grab all of it. What’s really brutal is the Featured Post slideshow loading lots of large files, including that Samsung gaming monitor picture. This also carries over to Page 2, making it at least as resource-heavy as the home page.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion, I will surely optimize the images, convert the Samsung monitor screen to jpg and put the slider off, but can you please how can I switch over to SSL

Check out the first four Support articles in this search:

What’s the URL?


Thanks for your help, I did exactly what you told me to do and now it’s loading fine

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my website https://www.pelletizermill.com first time bytes is fast:grinning:

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