Load Insecure WS(websocket) on Secure HTTPSsite instead of WSS, with some redirect?

I absolutely must load insecure websocket (eg. WS://domain.com/something) on secure site (eg. https://domain.com).

but i cant load it normal waybecause it will show error cus its “insecure”

google says to do some kind of redirection. can cloudflare do such thing? i think i need nginx

That won’t be possible because of mixed content.

You either upgrade the socket to “wss” or downgrade the site to “http”. The former would be preferable and shouldn’t be too difficult either, just install a certificate.

@sandro i cant update ws to WSS(HTTPS) because game server i use supports tls1.0 max and firefox dropped support for it.

if i get HTTPS i will have no firefox players

Is the websocket connection going to be proxied as well? If yes, I believe Cloudflare would still support 1.0 for connections to the origin. If not, you can only contact the developer and they need to update their code.

In short, you cannot use HTTP from HTTPS.

indeed i have tls 1.0 supprort enabled in CF but it didnt change anything.

What would you have expected to change? Whats the URL?

The best course of action might be to contact the developer and get an update or switch to another vendor. That software cannot be very secure if it has not been updated since TLS 1.0.

@sandro well id expect it to make the tls1.0 work and therefore the firefox players to be able to join (firefox has turned off tls 1.0). but same issue remained

test site is dungeone.tk but the test game server where i tested this issue is off now

i think i need some nginx proxy

With a proxy on your end it would certainly work too. Just set up a proxy which accepts the properly encrypted connection and then forwards it locally either via HTTP or HTTPS. The former is easier and secure enough for a local connection.

Right now the whole site is not proxied, so connections go straight to your server.

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