Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections

Not sure what happened. My site christurnbullwx.com was working just fine for a few minutes. Now safari gives me this error about too many redirections. On Cloudflare, I have “Always use https” enabled, as well as Full (strict) encryption mode. I created an origin certificate which I pasted in to the x10hosting cpanel for my domain. Also on the x10hosting side, I am using a force redirect to get rid of the ‘apache is functioning normally’ message along with a force ssl with https redirect. I tried turning both of those options off, but I still get a browser error of too many redirects. Not sure what I configured wrongly.

It’s bouncing back and forth between WWW and no-www.

Wordpress thinks your site is supposed to have ‘www’ in front, but you probably have a Page Rule that’s going the other direction.

If you don’t want ‘www’ in front, as your link indicates, see if you can change WordPress’ Settings → General for the correct URL.

There we go. That did the trick. Thank you.

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