Load blancing ninja needed

My name is Debbie from Canada.

Is there someone out there who might be willing to help me figureout how to set up load balancing correctly for my website? I have finally realized that this is WAY over my head. Happy to compensate if that is allowed. I have finally reached the point of no return where my dedicated server needs help.

Thanks, and really hope to hear from a kind (and exceptionally tech-saavy) soul soon!

You need more than one server in order to use Load Balancing.

Are you saying you want to spin up another server to mirror the existing server, and then split the load between them?

What @sdayman said. You need more than one server(s) on origin site to really take advantage of traditional load balancing at Cloudflare level.

You need a minimum of

  • 3x web servers which CF will load balance
  • 3x node distributed data storage layer i.e. via GlusterFS
  • 3x MySQL database replication or cluser based servers i.e. via Percona MySQL Galera Cluster

You can see an example guide on Linode for high availability Host a Website with High Availability | Linode just instead of using Linode’s node balancer for load balancing the web servers, you’d use Cloudflare Load Balancer

Linode guide used 9 servers for the setup

The Linodes we create in this guide will use the following hostname conventions:

  • File system nodes - gluster1, gluster2, gluster3
  • Database nodes - galera1, galera2, galera3
  • Application nodes - app1, app2, app3
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