Load balancing

Is it possible to set load balancing to send whole traffic to only one origin in the pool, and when it is down then send traffic to the second origin in the pool?

Ive tried to set weights as follows:
Server1 - 100%
Server2 - 0%
When Server1 was down, traffic was not sent to the Server2

When I set it to:
Server1 - 99%
Server2 - 1%
When Server1 was down, traffic was sent to the Server2, but 1% of traffic is sent to the Server2 even if Server1 is up, which I would like to avoid

Don’t have a computer on hand, but if I recall correctly it’s a different configuration. It should be failover not the actual load balancing with the weights. Same service though.

To have strict failover you need to have two pools with steering disabled. Put server 1 in the first pool, and server 2 in the second pool. With steering disabled you will get failover in the order the pools are listed.

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