Load Balancing with one server cluster?

Hey, I’m new to load balancing and have been reading a ton about it just today. I have the pro version of CF and subscribed to Argo and Load Balancing today. However I am now wondering if it is all in vain…

Our website runs on one server cluster (1 web file host and 1 database host), and our users are distributed across the globe fairly evenly. With this small set up is load balancing out of the question?

I’m not quite sure if I need multiple servers all over the world for load balancing to work, or if that’s what CF is providing. Thanks for the help

The load balancer is mainly used to distribute requests to multiple web servers, but not different types of servers like what you mentioned the 1 web host and 1 database.

If you just have one web server then you really don’t need load balancer.

Thanks for your reply @erictung, I appreciate your expertise.

May I ask you another question within the same context in regards to my setup. Is Argo going to be the same thing? Or will that work for us?

Argo is different. It’s more efficient routing from your visitors to your origin. Instead of traversing the unwashed Internet, they can speed through the clean corridors of Cloudflare if it’s faster.

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Great! Sounds like that is worth it. We’ll give it a shot. Thanks sdayman

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