Load balancing with Austrialia


We’re facing a problem with requests coming from Australia. We have 3 servers, 1 in Europe, 1 in Canada and the third one in Singapour.
We’ve set up a load balancer composed of 3 pools (EU, CA and SG).
SG pool is configured to health check from Oceania, Southeat Asia, Northeast Asia, MiddleEast and india. Request from China are well handled by our SG server. However, requests from Australia are all going to our CA server which is configured to handle requests from West Noth Amercia, East North America, Northen south America, Southern South America.
So do you think is there a wrong configuration from my pools and my load balancer or is there a real explanation for Australia requests going to CA ?

Thanks for any clue.


On a free plan, don’t count on having your data go through Australia. It’s really expensive.

Hi sdayman

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I’m talking about Australia when we start a gtmetrix from Australia to check what is the home page loading time. We expect gtmerix site being directed to SG pool but it is not. By the way, we are on business plan.


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In your Oceana region Canada is specified as the primary pool.

Although I just did a test and saw an AUS test hitting the SYD POP

So the traffic is hitting a colo in region, it’s the LB routing that I that is sending it to Canada.

Sorry but no, in the Canada pool no Oceania region is specified, at least I don’t see it in the ‘manage pool’ page

PM sent with screenshot of what I believe is the configuration error mentioned above.

Got it, just replied to your PM

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