Load Balancing - what Source IP do we see on origin server/firewall?

I’m trying to establish if Cloudlfare Load Balancing will help us achieve what we’re after.
Basically, we have 2 ISP circuits that are independant and we wish to increase the resilience of the services.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words so hopefully the below shows what we’re aiming for.

Inbound flows I understand, and am comfortable with, but I’m seeking clarification on the return packet flow/routing.
In scenario where primary ISP is working, would we see a Cloudflare source IP that would enable us to have internal routing correct to ensure that return routing goes back through Firewall 1 ?
And then, in the scenario that ISP1 is down/unavailable and inbound connections come in via Firewall 2 that we would see a different Cloudflare source IP so we can set an internal return route back to that IP ?

Also, would this work for non-http(s) traffic ? ie SSH or RDP ?

Hopefully, that makes sense!


Anyone have any thoughts please ?

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