Load Balancing tutorial :-(


can someone explain to me this excerpt please ? How prerequisites below can be true in one time ?


  • Access to Load Balancing :
    • A Cloudflare Enterprise plan with Load Balancing enabled
    • An existing Free, Pro, or Business plan with a Load Balancing subscription

It can’t, hence they are sub-items of the main prerequisite and are to be considered or’ed in this context.

You need the Load Balancer enabled on your account, in one way or another.

not really, second condition is redundant and needs to be removed,
Unless user can pay and subscribe to a "Fully functional " load balancer from free account alone, please confirm ?
Once this is clarified I will then address the main point.

Not really. Enterprise plans come with load balancing. On lower plans, it’s a paid addon. As it says, one of the prerequisites is Access to Load Balancing, and they show you two ways to get it.


That would mean only Enterprise plans can use it and that is not true.

The structure is fine the way it is and logic dictates that it can’t be “and-ed” as a plan can’t be on two levels at the same time.


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