Load balancing to two Azure sites

Hey community!

We have a Pro domain setup with CloudFlare. We have a domain that we want to failover one subdomain to two different web services in Azure.
Example, failover.domain.co.nz should go to az-site1.azurewebsites.net with a 100% load, and az-site2.azurewebsites.net with a 0% load.
Our goal is to then gradually failover traffic from our site1 to site2 over the next week.

The problem we are facing at the moment is that we can’t ad the same custom domain to 2 app services.

The million dollar question: Is there any way we can achieve this in a similar fashion? Even if it means changing how we are doing it.

I guess Cloudflare Load Balancing is the only way to achieve the goal, but comes with extra charges.

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Thanks Eric

For sure. We currently have LB setup. But our issue is that we can’t have Azure use the same custom domain “www.domain.com” or “server.domain.com” with two different apps.

Hope that helps explain :slight_smile:

Is this not working for you?

Perhaps you can try to override the host header so that different origins will receive different host header value, based on your custom domain configurations in Azure.

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