Load balancing the requests between the cname record(pointing to heroku's server) and the VM with Public IP addrees,

One of our subdomains "test.abc.com" has a CNAME record which points to Heroku’s servers. We would like that our application which is available on "test.abc.com" to continue to be hosted on Heroku and at the same time we want to host the application on a VM in Google which will have a Public IP address. My question is, if we can use Cloudflare load balancing to load balance the request between this cname record(pointing to heroku’s server) and the VM with Public IP addrees, both of which are the same application running on two different instances (i.e., like I said 1 instance of the application is running or heroku and the other on Google VM with Public IP). Please suggest. Thank you so much.

Yes you can.

Thank you cscharff!
But how can I achieve this? Because when I want to loadbalance using “traffic sterring” during load balancer setup, I see that I am either expected to enter the IP address or hostname. Can entering CNAME value (i.e., heroku’s server name) work?

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