Load Balancing: sometimes www. goes to failover pool even though main pool is healthy

We have loadbalancing set up on www.schedule360.com. If the main pool is unhealthy, a fallback pool is supposed display an error page (normal found at s360failover.ngfdev.com) with some basic information to help customers until our main site is restored.

Often times lately when I -and others- load www.schedule360.com I see this “failover page” instead of the normal website pool even though Cloudflare is reporting that the main pool is healthy. Normally a Hard Refresh is sufficient to get to the main site, but I would like to ensure the main users are only seeing the fallback pool only when the main pool is unhealthy.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong here.

I cleared cloudflares cache and things seem to be working more reliably here.

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