Load Balancing Setup Questions

HI - i’m trying to setup my first loadbalancer and I’m a little stumped by what are likely basic questions. Hoping someone can provide insight.

My goal is to have health-check/failer from domain.com to lb.domain.com
Domain.com is at IP for example.
I cloned the site in my hosting plan but the clone is in a shared account, also at IP
Can I have two origin servers at the same IP address - or is that EXACTLY not the point of load balancing? I.e.
Origin 1 - domain.com - IP
Origin 2 - lb.domain.com - IP

Is having the A Record for lb.domain.com pointing to IP sufficient?
Or do I have to have it:

Origin 1 - domain.com - IP
Origin 2 - lb.domain.com - IP 567.89.10.11

If anyone has insight into this please advise.


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