Load balancing questions

I am looking at using load balancing but have a few questions which are not clear in the guide.

do i need to move the DNS to Cloud flare or can we leave it where it is currently hosted and just point the sub domains to an IP?

I currently have a free account and the option for load balancing is not there only an option to enable Argo, how do i add the load balancing option?


It’s there. Have a look above the “Argo” box, there’s a sub menu. Argo, Argo Tunnel, Load Balancing, Load Balancing Analytics.

Thanks, your correct i did miss the option on the screen.

one more question.
our site has sub domains for each customer and each sub domain points to the ip of the server that that customer is hosted on. what do i do with the sub domains to get them to point at the load balance?

and is it possible to have some pointing at the load balancing and some direct (this would be more in a testing phase not long term)

Well in theory you could do a CNAME setup on a Biz plan or above, but you’re not doing yourself any favors from a performance standpoint. You’re adding an additional DNS lookup on top of an initial DNS lookup which will be slower than Cloudflare’s.

Above the Argo card there should be links to other Traffic related features.

If you create a LB (ex subdomain1) with the same name as an existing record (e.g. an A record) when the LB is on it replaces the existing A record.

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