Load balancing questions and problems

I am new on this forum and cloudflare, I will need a little help if you placed. Sorry for my English translation, I am French ;-).
We put the Load Balacing test phase.
I set up a pool with 2 servers.
Questions & problems :

  • Can we, via an URL with an age or other, interact a special server without going through the load balancing. Well informed in the file host the IP of a server to force but it always a rediection on cloudflare.
  • I set up a simple monitor with the method “Get” return code 200 ( print screen) but it always returns a mistake “reponse code mismatch error”.
  • Can we personance the redirection cloudflare window that appears a few seconds before my site?

Thank you four your help!

Perhaps you can explain it in French also. Someone who understands French can read your post too.

good idea

Je suis nouveau sur ce forum et sur Cloudflare, j’aurai besoin d’une petite aide s’il vous plait.
Nous sommes en phase de test pour configurer le load balancing.
J’ai mis en place un pool avec 2 serveurs.
Questions et problèmes:

1-  Pouvons-nous, via une URL et un paramètre ou autre, spécifier un serveur sans passer par l'équilibrage de la charge. Nous avons testez de renseigner le fichier host avec l'adresse IP d'un serveur pour forcer le chemin, mais l'url est redirigée systématiquement sur Cloudflare et le load balanceur.
2-  J'ai mis en place un moniteur simple avec la méthode "get" Code de retour 200 (cf copie d'écran), mais elle renvoie toujours une erreur "code mismatch error"
 3- Pouvons-nous personnaliser la fenêtre de redirection Cloudflare (celle avec un décompte) qui apparaît quelques secondes avant mon site?

Merci pour votre aide!

Your website uses a JS Challenge (Under attack mode? Firewall Rule?)

  1. This is why you do not get a 200 in your health check. I know a Health Check can go directly to the origin IP address, but I do not see a way to specify the hostname. I thought that was an option. Maybe another @MVP remembers if this is possible.

  2. On a paid plan, you can customize the JS Challenge page:

Advance health check settings for Request header configuration you can set Host header

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(Google Translate is giving me a hard time. I may not have understood the problems.)

You would like a URL (https://www.example.com/something/) that does not go through the Load Balancer.

On an Enterprise Plan, you can use “Resolve Override” in a Page rule. On other plans a Load Balancer is for a complete hostname (so all of www.example.com)

Can you run this command, replacing one of your Origin IP addresses where indicated, and share the result:

curl https://devlgp.ipso-facto.fr/LogiproDEV/AspNet_Securite/Login.aspx --silent --dump-header - -o /dev/null --connect-to ::IP-Address-Here | grep HTTP

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Not to my knowledge, I need to ask developers (I’m just the network administrator).

@ EVA2000
I am a little lost: what should I put in the “heads” and “value” boxes?

In fact I want to customize the CloudFlare redirection window: CF screen copy.
Result of the order I adapted for Windows: “http / 1.1 403 forbiden”
Another very important thing that my developer is asked: from the site URL can be added by a value / parameter in this URL, force the connection to a specific server of the Load Balancing pool?

That is the response that the Cloudflare Monitor will get. You need to fix that, and ensure that the health check returns 200 if the target is healthy.

@sdayman already answered that :point_up:

So you want to be able to send requests to one particular Pool through the Load Balancer. Requests for https://example.com/?pool1 or https://example.com/?pool2 will go to the respective pool for example. Check out Custom Rules to achieve that.

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Sorry I was on vacation.
In fact I do not know if the translation is bad but I want to connect to a particular server that belongs to a pool.
I configured the Load Balancing with a pool. The pool brings together 2 servers. I want to connect to the server 1 with a particular URL: https://mywebsite.fr/toto=myServer1or2.
On the other hand if I go to https://mywebsite.fr, there it’s the Load Balancing that manages alone to which server I am connected according to the load.
Is it possible?
Thank you

Yes, and it is even the example configuration for Custom Rules.

great, thank you Michael. I see now where it is.
So if I understand correctly, in my load balancing, I have to configure pools: one with my 2 servers, 1 with the server 1, one with the server 2. And I do my rules personalized in function?

Sorry for my late return but I was busy with other problems.
On my side I advanced.
I do not know if it’s the right method …? :

  • I buy 4 original servers and created 3 pools (a context of the SRV1 & SRV2, other only SRV1, another only SRV2)
  • I created a personalized rule with the value “Chain of request that contains? Srv = 2” it redirects to the pool containing only SRV2.

It works properly, but is it the right method?
If I can have your feedback from experience …? Thank you so much.

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