Load Balancing Question


I have a few questions about Load Balancing.

As far as I understood, you need at least two origin servers - let’s call them A and B. Currently, I’m hosting a WordPress blog on server A. Its running on Plesk Linux. Theoretically, I would have to duplicate the server A to server B. But doing that would not work because one Plesk license can be used on one server only. And second, the databases of both servers would be different. Blog comments on server A would not show up on server B for example.

How to fix these two issues? And is there any way to transfer the changes I e.g. make in server A automatically to server B?

Thank you.

You need a license or you need to use a server without Plesk.

You could connect Wordpress ob B to the database of Server A. Careful: restrict access to the database to the IP of B, or configure a VPN between the two hosts. But that’s a SPOF.

If you want to keep two databases for redundancy you need to replicate them, with a master-slave setup for example. But setting them up and keeping them in sync is not that trivial as it sounds like.

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