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I am brand new to the Load Balancing feature. First of all, I had absolutely no idea that I had to manually set up Load Balancing - I thought this could be automatically set up.

I have been looking over help articles and videos and I am extremely confused by all of this.

I am stuck on the ‘Create Origin Pool’ step in this process.

  1. What should I put as the pool name?
  2. What is the origin name? How do I know what to name the origin?
  3. What is the Origin IP address? How do I know what to put here?
  4. What is the weight? How am I supposed to know what the weight is?

This is all terribly confusing and I have no Idea how to set this up. I really wish the help articles could better explain, in non-technical speak, what all of this is and what this means.

Also, is it possible to get someone from Cloudflare to help set this up for me?

If you’re looking at true load balancing, you should already be at least waist-deep in a fairly technical configuration.

What are you trying to accomplish with load balancing?

My Goal with load balancing is to help solve these errors, and ideally to identify what was causing these errors. I’m pasting from a Cloudflare email:

In a recent 30-day period, your domain encountered a high percentage of server errors (408, 502, 503, 504, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524):

Your domain — Origin errors as a % of total requests — Your top error code(s)
— 14% — 521, 520, 522

These errors indicate issues with your origin web servers, possibly caused by server overload, crashes, or network failures. Such errors can negatively impact your business — resulting in poor customer experience, brand perception, and conversion rate.

Consider implementing Cloudflare Load Balancing to prevent these errors from taking you offline.

So that’s why I decided to implement Load Balancing - from this email. It was suggested by Cloudflare. I had no idea that I needed a very high level of technical expertise in order to do this.

At the very least, can someone please help to explain where I would go about finding the information to set up an Origin Pool - see #1-4 in my initial post.

Thank you!

Load balancing docs, including a getting started guide, are here:

Thank you, but I have seen these articles already, and the explanations are still confusing and quite technical.

I’m still searching for a more simplified explanation, as well as answers to my four questions.

Thank you.

Hi @bz_help,

The key thing before you even consider setting up Load Balancing at Cloudflare is making sure you have you have something to load balance between!

The most common setup is two (or more) servers with the same content. The load can then be split between the two and if one server goes down, the other can serve all the traffic. Do you already have this, or something similar, set up?


Hi domjh,

Thanks for your reply!

No, I do not have something like this set up. Once again, I did not know I needed that. I just saw the email from Cloudflare suggesting to add Load Balancing, so I thought that’s what I needed to do. I had no idea it would be this technical, or that any of this was going to be necessary.

I might need to reconsider using load balancing.

I really wish that all of this had been much more clear from the start, and that Load Balancing would require such intensive manual set up. I guess that would be a suggestion to Cloudflare.

I see, Load Balancing is a fairly technical setup. It may help solve your issues, but you would probably need a developer to implement it if you’re not sure yourself.


Hi @domjh

Thanks again for your help and advice, I appreciate it!

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