Load Balancing Origin Address

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New to CF, and a dabbler in networking. #TrialByFire

I have Pro plan CF, setup Argo, and now looking to setup load balancing. My question resides in the Origin Addresses within the pools. Is this simply my a records in DNS? Again, I apologize if this is an super newb question, but I have done the googling, and I searched the community and couldn’t find a direct answer, and any threads that I may be able to interject with my question have been closed from last activity. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


A load balancing pool consists of the IP addresses of your various servers.

There’s pretty good documentation here:

I have run with my setup and deployed. So far so good. Thank you again for your guidance. I also think I should clarify, I was in the same help doc, just one level down from “basics.” I should have been more thorough and I apologize for my oversight, but I truly appreciate your quick help!

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