Load Balancing on parent domain and sub domains

I have purchased a Load balancer but I am not able to understand how It can be used with DNS

Great question @keshavbansal0395, round-robin DNS load balancing is different than the load balancer option on the dash:

Round-robin DNS is a load balancing technique where the balancing is done by a type of DNS server called an authoritative nameserver, rather than using a dedicated piece of load-balancing hardware. Round-robin DNS can be used when a website or service has their content hosted on several redundant web servers; when the DNS authoritative nameserver is queried for an IP address, the server hands out a different address each time, operating on a rotation. This is particularly useful when the redundant web servers are geographically separated, making traditional load-balancing difficult. Round-robin is known for it’s ease of implementation, but it also has strong drawbacks.

More details here.

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