Load Balancing Issue

Hi Guys,

Let me try to explain my issue, I have a website hosted on xxxx datacenter and have cloud flare’s dns records (root and A) pointing to my server on xxxx datacenter.

Right now we are testing another datacenter where we deployed an exact copy of our site and we are trying to use CloudFlare’s load balancing for this new setup, we followed the step by step guide to do the load balancing set up and everything looks up an running but when we test our site it is still redirecting traffic to the old datacenter.

I don’t know if I have to change something in the dns settings? I haven’t since the guide says that the lb record will take precendence over the other records.

Do you guys have any idea on how to solve this?

I don’t use load balancing, but have read through the documentation a handful of times.

DNS is just one entry, and that’s what points to the load balancer. Do you have just the one pool with two servers? Those servers should be weighted within the pool. Or do you have two pools, one for each server so your “new” server is going to be your primary so you can test it, and failover to the “old” server just in case?

I have one pool with two origins (the new servers), each origin with a weight of 1

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