Load Balancing is calculating a ridiculous number of DNS queries - why?

Last month, we got whacked with a $480 charge for over 430 million DNS queries against our load balancer. I was expecting to pay like $20 or $25. I disabled it right away. I then fixed the configuration to use orange cloud properly this morning, and re-enabled the load balancer at 8:45am.

I set up multiple notifications to warn me when the number of DNS queries exceeded 50k, 250k, 500k, 1M and 1.5M. A few minutes ago, I received ALL of those notifications at the same time. Load Balancing Analytics shows a grand total of 22.5k requests since this morning.

As far as I can figure, there are only 2 possibilities:

  1. the notification is including an earlier time period and is not valid
  2. the number of authoritative queries is vastly higher than the number of requests shown on the LB analytics dashboard - which only shows 22.5k requests since we turned on the load balancer this morning.

What gives? Why won’t Cloudflare show me the actual billable unit on the dashboard? Why is it calculating millions of DNS queries for just a few thousand total requests in this time period? Is this feature really this unusable? Please assist, anyone - how am I going wrong here? Should I really expect to pay like $2k a month to use this single feature? How useless is that!


Hi @tom.gnade,
If you have not already please send a ticket to [email protected] so that our team can look into your usage.

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Hi Laurie,

Yes, I did contact billing and they told me there was nothing they could or would do, and closed the ticket pretty much immediately.

Can you share the ticket #?


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