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I have seen a few YouTube video on CF Load Balancer setup however what they dont clarify is if we need to have the website hosted on different servers for load balancer to work?

We are hosted on RunCloud > Vultr HR Singapore. Do we need to clone another server in say UK before setting up the LB?

During one stage “Origin Pools” we have to add origin address. Is this the IP address for our server? Do we need to have 2 servers then to use Load Balancing?

Appreciate any help you can provide so we can activate this option.

That’s correct. And cloning is always a challenge if you have dynamic (database-driven) content.

Yes, and yes.

Is this due to an email regarding failover latency? If so, I suggest you hold off on the load balancer approach. That message may have been sent in error.

Hey @sdayman

Yes it was the failover latency email. :slight_smile: I have been researching this since last night and even asked the hosting provider to check how many times the server crashed. They said NONE.

Thank you for clearing the confusion.

And yes we have a dynamic membership website so it is not possible to have two servers hosting the same website in two places.

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