Load Balancing ~ How to SET UP

Hello guys,

I need help from scratch on how to configure load balancing.

I already have one server. From my understanding, the feature allows me to link more servers to boost uptime.

Now here comes the problem. Since I have the first server configured, how should I configure the second server?

Is it supposed to be a duplicate of the first server? If yes, how do I configure domains on the second server? For example, server 1 already has my domain. Now, should I add the same domain on the second server as well?

It’s completely up to you how to configure for redundancy. All a Load Balancer does is direct traffic to one server or another. Generally, though, they’re twins. But if a database is involved, there’s quite a bit more work to do by your developer(s).

I’m thinking of doing it DIY. Now I’m edging in on how to sync databases without causing conflict. I hope I get it right.

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