Load Balancing Help

How can i set up Load Balancing to work correctly?
I have (A WordPress website) and hosted on a Dedicated server
And i have an exact clone of this website on another Shared Hosting Server.
I need the traffic to go to shared hosting in case the dedicated server was full or unreachable
Or divide the traffic 20-80 either way i need that load balancing feature to work correctly : )
Your help is appreciated

Hi @mohamed.nour,

To setup load balancing between two servers I would recommend you to go through the following Cloudflare docs that have all the information and detail you might need.

I am new in this community forum, so I cannot past any links yet. However, if you go to google and type “Cloudflare Load Balancing documents”, the first link should get you to the documents you need.

Then, under the tab “Concepts” I would recommend to go through the “Load Balancers” page and under the tab “Basic Tasks” I would suggest the page “Manage load balancers”.

There are many other resources on load balancing that you might be interested in.

I hope this helps in any way!

Thanks @joaopedroperesmesqui

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