Load Balancing Healthcheck Fails

I am trying to configure load balancing across 2 sites with 2 IPs per site for a webservice and having a problem with detecting a word in the response body. Anybody have a clue what I may be doing wrong or how I can see the response/reason why Cloudflare is determining the service is not working?

The webservice has a test page responds with a single word OK or FAIL depending on the status of the webservice.

e.g. https://www.domain.com/healthcheck.aspx
responds with a single word “OK” if the service is up. When I test this in a browser all is working as expected.

When I try to use this test in a Healthcheck for my pools, I see the pools as down/Critical

My Setup is this:
I have defined 2x Pools with 2x Origins IPs per pool.
My Healthcheck is:
Path: /healthcheck.aspx

In the Advanced health check options section,
Method: GET
Expected Code: 200
Response Body: OK
Other options a re defaults

I did not set a host header…is this a problem?

I can get the load balancing to detect the origins as Up/Down only if I dont try to detect the text OK/FAIL in the “Advanced health check settings” . I use a simple GET, the test works…

What am I doing wrong?


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