Load balancing - geo steering ignored for part of requests

Hi All,

We have 2 pools of origins in 2 geo regions Europe(EU) and US.
We have configured load balancer with geo steering and set US pool for Western and Eastern North America regions and EU pool to process Easten and Western Erurope locations and all other available regions. We have not configured monitors on pools, EU pool is first in the list of priority and also set as failover fallback pool. Shedding is turned off on origins. Session affinity is turned off on balancer. But sometimes geo steering seems to not working or ignorred.
For example visitor from Italy ( opens the page with several static resources on it. First request and most of the static resources is loaded from expected location EU Origin, but one of the static resources goes to another location US Origin. Despite the fact that all requests goes through the same Cloudflare datacenter in Italy. - http_x_forwarded_for,

What couult be the reason? and how to avoid it?

Thanks in advance