Load balancing galaxy meteor for canary releases

I have two deployments on Galaxy differentiated by subdomains. So stable.mycompany.com and next.mycompany.com for example. My site is www mc com. I’d like most of my traffic to go to stable and the rest of next. Both of those sites are sitting behind the same IP. Cloudflare Load Balancing wants to resolve pools to unique IP addresses AFAICT and have experimented with. Cloudflare DNS round-robin’ng doesn’t work with CNAMEs. Effectively the same road block in both cases. Is there a solution for doing this kind of thing when your target is configured in this manner?

I feel like I am probably in FAQ land but havn’t found the right search terms yet. Please feel free to RTFM me with a link.

The load balancer will distribute requests between different machines. Both your deployments are on the same machine (-or at least same IP), so that isn’t going to work.

What you probably want to do, is writing a proxy that simply rewrites the request url and returns the response back to your user. An excellent use case for Cloudflare Workers.

I think the A/B Testing recipe is very close to what you want to do:

In this example, perhaps the main modification is to let it rewrite the url.hostname instead of url.pathname.

Thank Martin. That makes sense to me.

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