Load balancing for the services- other than website default page

I am hosting DNS on CF, however there are a few other pages/services running on same host ,
a.domain.com --IP1

I am configuring LB as www.domain.com , so when a failover occurs from IP1 to IP2, will all these services be redirected to IP2?

LB works on hostname given to it or the IP address of the Pool.

No LB works based on a DNS hostname, so here it just works for www.domain.com. When it comes to send traffic to your servers (defined in pools), you can use both IP address or hostname.

A"Load Balancer", in Cloudflare terms, is a DNS hostname–e.g. www.example.com–that you want traffic to be load-balanced for. A Load Balancer defines which pools it wants to use, in the order they should be used in. Geo-routing is also configured at the Load Balancer level.


@Xaq How do i work for the another pages/services that will be hosted on same IP?

Add LB for them separately.

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