Load balancing for an increase of traffic for a online sale

I have a client (jacscaveofwonders.com.au) and currently I have load balancing on the site.
They are having another sale this Friday (WAST) and there will be an increase of traffic to the site. The sale is similar to Click Frenzy. last time the sale happened - December - the site crashed. The traffic was

I host the site through WPMU which uses Digital Ocean droplets. The site averages 2.5GB of traffic a day and expecting this to be double if not triple on Friday.

Can anyone advise me the best way to go.

For load balancing are you planning to use multiple origin servers? Or are wanting to continue using a single origin but reduce the load on the server?

I ask because if its a WordPress site with ecommerce functionality (dynamic request-response) then your going to have a bit of trouble setting up multi-origin as opposed to just moving it to a faster server.

Not really a matter of how many GB per day, but rather how many requests per second need to be processed. Do you know what volume of traffic you’ll be expecting and what number of concurrent requests per second the site can handle. Don’t count static content in your requests-per-second stats.

Thanks for that. I was just going to use a single origin. they have over 200 page views per min when they are having the sale

200 pages-per-minute peak is nothing to worry about unless you’ve got some awful performance issues with the site. Looking at their site link you shared, it’s just for basic ecommerce. Even 200 pages-per-second shouldn’t be an issue.

A load balancer is designed to distribute the website traffic between multiple origin servers. If you only have 1 origin then adding a load balancer won’t help.

Might want to look at Cloudflare’s Waiting Room feature: Cloudflare Waiting Room

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