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I have load balancing set up primarily to protect me in case one Internet connection goes down. I have one Web server but two Internet connections. If the first origin set up in my load balancing configuration goes down then my second origin will kick in. While it is very rare that our web server goes down, we will periodically need to restart it. In this case, both origins would go down and my users would get an error message. I would like to simply redirect any requests to a single static ”down for maintenance” page that I have set up with a third-party.

I know how to set this up as a third load balancer but I’m not sure how to redirect all traffic to a single page. For example, let’s say I have two different sites hosted on my web server. When everything is working properly these two pages would work: site1 at myDomain /homepage1.html and site2 at myDomain /homepage2.html. My failover page setup with a third party is failover.mydomain.com/FailoverStatus.html.

Do I need to set up something at the receiving end to redirect all traffic for every site or is there a way with cloud flair to simply redirect all traffic to error.mydomain.com/FailoverStatus.html?

Anybody? Please help

I don’t use Load Balancers, but I know you can have a lower priority pool with one server as a failover. So if that server is configured as a one-trick pony, all requests to it will show the same page…like if you configure a 404 response to display your temporary page.

Ok, I like that idea. I’ll pursue the error redirect idea. Thanks

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