Load Balancing / failover for shared hosting

I am trying to set up to enable “failover” so that if one site is down, I can redirect to another. (I understand this is part of “Load balancing”, which is $5/pm, and not part of the basic FREE service) In short, when JVZoo / Clickbank etc send out IPN’s, they do it once only … which is no good if the main site is down, so I want to ensure a second site “captures” the message that can then be forwarded to the main site once online again.

I’m thinking once the second site gets an IPN redirected to it, turns on a CRON to check main site every 15 mins. When it finds the primary is online again, sends any accumulated Instant Payment Notifications to server, and switches off the CRON job on the secondary server.

But from screenshots I’ve seen, it shows the address as an IP. I’m not sure, but I think shared hosting does not use “static IP” unless paying extra, (or maybe that is at the user level, and that the host itself does have a static IP) So could a URI be used for the address?

Total newbie to this, and only discovered a “failover” even exists 2hrs ago.

I’ve used shared hosting for years, always with static IP. They will match the IP (which is shared by hundreds, if not thousands of other websites) with the domain being requested (example.com) to process each request.

I think my host CAN allocate a static IP … but it’s an “upgrade” option. Will check it out

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